Hi, I’m Aaron Omary,

I’m a WordPress Administrator, UX/UI Designer, Developer, and Photographer based in Connecticut. I’ve been working in this field since 2013 to present.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege to work on many different WordPress & WooCommerce (eCommerce) WordPress websites.

In 2013 I began my journey learning WordPress¬† (arguably the greatest CMS of all time) and UX/UI design, when I helped a friend put together a blog for his origami paper art. We would work on it after school hours and talk about cool new features we wanted to add. And when we saw how it wasn’t very user friendly on Mobile, I began learning about responsive design, and implemented an awesome UI for his blog.

Winter through spring of 2014 I designed my own WordPress blog and actively used it for a small while, in which I talked about things that I particularly enjoyed, (computer parts, and awesome new WordPress plugins I stumbled across.) During the process of making this website I learned about proper site building techniques using wireframes/prototypes (techniques to increase productivity, and get the website visualized in my head online at a faster rate.)

At the beginning of 2015 I began learning about WooCommerce and online business models, and how to run a business through WordPress. I learned about common business practices, online shop design/responsiveness, online product catalogs, and shopping carts.

Since 2016 till now I have been maintaining and administrating an eCommerce store, Alhannah Islamic Clothing –

When I first joined Alhannah, they were seeking someone who could transfer an eCommerce store on to WordPress, so I planned and implemented a massive server migration of the company website including the database of products onto the WooCommerce platform.

Then I designed a UI wireframe/prototype in Adobe XD (formerly Adobe experience design) and implemented it via WordPress. Ultimately transforming the website into what it is today. I have since been hired at Alhannah to Administrate and maintain their website – I even provide general and technical support to the customers and staff.